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A Place For Local Scouting Information.
This is an un-official page created as a gathering place for information for scout leaders from Suffolk County Long Island. This is a storage house of information for new and experienced leaders to benefit the youth in their units..
Currently Most of this information is for Cub Scout leaders but some information will be useful to all levels of scouting.
Disclaimer below.

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Other Informative Web sites
  • US Scouting Service Project (MacScouter) Just about everything you can thing of, activities, jokes, skits Advancement work sheets etc...
  • Baloo's Bugle A monthly newsletter targeted to the specific theme of the month. It contains information for all levels including, Round tables,Pack meetings, and den meeting. Ceremonies, jokes, skits, games , and more.
  • Boy Scout Trail Another good clearing house site for activities, games, projects , skits, recipes etc.
  • Cub Scouting Ideas Ideas for all positions from den leader on up.
  • ScoutHelps Contains links to den and pack planning resources , some nice PDF's for tracking advancements and awards. Copies of the round table hand outs are available as well.
  • Insane scouter Good resource site with a lot of different stuff,
  • Merritbadge.org Another kitchen sink type site that covers all levels of scouting,
  • PodCasts from ptcmedia.net. Several scouting relates podcasts with discussion forums, also available on iTunes. Kind of fun to listen to especialy if you have a long commute.
  • Scouthelps.com Good place to find links to the various program guides plus additional worksheets. (P.S. this site was created by another Suffolk County Scouter)
  • Scout Dump A place for really old Scouting books and guide. Dating back to the beginnings of scouting.
  • Scouter Mom A good resource for all levels of scouting.

Non-Specific Scouting Sites

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